Suddenly realizing how much I have to learn for the bar exam


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blu sanders- get in the car and drive.

in the picture, you’re right beside me. 
arms around my neck and eyes like you’d never leave.’

i mean, are you kidding me? that’s the first fucking line!

i’ve been obsessed with this song for year. obsessed.
every i think i have a handle on the OCD music listening habits of my youth (listening to a song on repeat for DAYS) i go down the rabbit hole with this.
honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever listened to it less than 5x in a row.

“you said, ‘how can i believe in something i can’t see, or feel with my fingers?’… anytime you think you want to be my love, that’s the reason, do what you’re thinking of. anytime you think you want to come on over, stop asking, get in the car and drive.’

it’s the lyrics. it’s the guitar. it’s the pace…
but really, it’s his voice.
there is so much sadness and regret in his voice,
it’s impossible to not get sucked under with it.

i wanted to have written this song. i want it to be mine.
that voice. this performance.
that’s probably why i’m writing about it here.
i need to put my stamp on it. territorial pissing.
if i can’t be the guy singing this exact version of this exact song, i can
be the one telling you about it. it’s probably why part of me never wants anyone to hear it. cause the longer it stays low on the radar, the longer i can be ahead of it. the longer i can pretend i can beat it; write a better song. get a better performance.

and in my own warped way, that’s the highest compliment i’ve got. 

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Salad with Fruit

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"To be alive at all is to have scars."
— John Steinbeck (via showslow)

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Cherry Tomatoes in Spinach, Pistachio, and Garlic Pesto


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Vegan Mac and Cheese Sauce with a Kick:


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Sunday Brunch: Vegan Grits, Tomatoes, Onions, and Spinach:


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